Our expertise and experience include a select network of business partners who can be added to our team to ensure we provide you with the best solutions in an efficient and time-saving way.  

We welcome your interest in Corporate Compensation Services and hope you will browse through our website to learn more.  However, in the end, a real live conversation will best determine how we can assist you.  Please contact us with your presenting issue so we can better understand your needs and how our company may be able to support you in achieving your goals.  

Rewards Strategy

Sales Compensation 

Corporate Compensation Services provides broad-based total rewards and compensation program consulting to private,
not-for-profit, and publicly-traded organizations. 


Project Management

Competitive Analyses

Total Rewards and Compensation Program Consulting

Strategic Perspective  --  Practical Solutions  --  Superior Service

  • What should our organization's total rewards strategy be?

  • What can we do to improve the relationship between pay and performance for our business?

  • Are we under-paying or over-paying our employees compared to our competitive market for key talent? 

  • What do employees understand about our total rewards program, and what else should we be communicating to them so they are more productive and engaged with our organization?


We address your needs by providing over-the-shoulder and hands-on expertise within your strategic framework, applying our practical and time-tested approaches, and giving you a level of service based on years of positive client experiences.

We can help you answer the following questions, and more:


Incentive Design and Assessment

Every organization periodically needs to re-think its total rewards strategy and make adjustments to its pay programs as its business environment changes.  ​

Pay Management

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