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Alliances and Partnerships

During the course of her career, Margaret has worked with many colleagues who have expertise in related human resources consulting areas.   Clients can depend on Corporate Compensation Services for coordinated efforts with highly experienced and effective consultants who will serve as a team of your trusted advisors. 

Corporate Compensation Services has professional affiliations with HR + Survey Solutions, based in the Eastern United States and QTI Consulting Group, based in the Midwest.  

Re-Think Consulting is our partner providing communication consulting for benefits, compensation, and total rewards. 

Each of these firms brings an expanded expertise to our consulting work, ensuring we provide you with leading-edge knowledge and superior service.

About Corporate Compensation Services

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Focus and Leadership

Corporate Compensation Services is a boutique consulting firm focused solely on compensation strategy and program design.  It was founded by Margaret Dyekman, its President, in 2009.  Almost all of our client assignments come from referrals or recurring business with exisiting clients.  Our experience includes executive, broad-based, and sales compensation as well as the design and installation of performance management programs and incentive plans.   We have a speciality in work with not-for-profits but have consulted to multiple industries, including public sector.

Jim Lazarz, Senior Consultant, supports various clients projects and has a specialty in sales compensation, including all types of commission and incentive plans.