Sales Compensation

Our sales compensation practice begins with assisting clients in their understanding of customer strategies and job designs to ensure the correct allocation of selling resources to their sales channels and market segments.  

After customer coverage models and job designs are complete, we work with clients to design best-practice sales compensation plans that fit the industry, company and selling approaches.  We ensure that the correct performance measures are chosen for incentive plans, and we will assist clients in setting performance expectations (quotas, etc.) for those measures.  

Sales compensation plan designs are priced and modeled in a way that ensures the plans both pay the right amount for each performance level achieved and meet the clients cost of sales projections. 

Finally, we can assist clients in a variety of sales compensation administration process, including

      Complete Plan Documentation

      Plan Communication and Roll-Out

      Proficient, Accurate and Timely Compensation Payment Administration

      Effective Sales and Sales Compensation Reporting

      Sales Analytics

      On-Going Plan Analysis and Evaluation

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