Pay Management

  • Competency Definition

  • Process Design

  • Vendor Searches for Tools

  • Implementation

Performance Management

  • Internal Teams and Outside Vendors

  • Vendor Searches for Tools or Talent

Competitive Analyses

Rewards Strategy

  • Market Assessment

  • Plan Design and Evaluation

  • Spot, Quarterly, Annual, Long-Term

  • Employee Feedback Surveys and Focus Groups

  • Communication Strategy

  • Messaging, Media, Timing, Delivery

Incentive Design and Assessment

  • Total Rewards Strategy Design and Assessment

  • Leadership Research

  • Employee Research


Sales Compensation

Total Rewards and Compensation Program Consulting

Strategic Perspective  --  Practical Solutions  --  Superior Service

Project Management

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When we bring on employees and partners to our business, we look for three key attributes:  Integrity, Intelligence, and Hard Work. 

We believe that if someone does not have the first attribute, then the other two do not matter.  We work with these values as the foundation of our relationship with you and promise you an enjoyable experience as well. 

  • Compensation Strategy Design and Assessment

  • Market Pricing and Analysis

  • Process Audits

  • Custom Surveys

  • Sales Compensation Plan Design

  • Sales Compensation Payment Technology

  • Sales Effectiveness Consulting

  • Reporting and Analytics

  • Job Description Development and Audits

  • Job Evaluation

  • Salary Structure Design

  • Base Pay Management

  • Salary Increase Guidelines

  • Pay Administration Processes